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Download Opera GX for Windows

Opera GX is the first kind of gaming browser that contains several excellent and unique tools and features such as GX Control, CPU Limiter, CPU Limiter, Network Limiter, integrated messenger, etc for gamers as well as normal users. These features help you to get the most out of both gaming and browsing. These features are specially made for gamers to help to boost the performance of the PC during playing or streaming games and using the browser.

Opera GX is a web browser developed by Opera Software specially designed for gamers. This browser allows gamers to control how much system resources, RAM, network bandwidth, etc the browser could use so that it could not slowdown the game.

Opera GX is a Chromium-based browser. Chromium is one of the most popular browser source codes used to develop several modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. Since it uses the same source codes as Chrome, therefore the users also can install Chrome extensions to extend the performance of this browser.

If you want to experience this Opera GX 64-bit Gaming Browser, You can download it on this page for free. Download Opera GX 64-bit for Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. It has a unique design and gaming interface that makes the browser more attractive. You can also change browser themes, choose from specially designed wallpapers, or easily select your own desktop wallpaper as a background.

Opera GX 64-bit Features:

GX Control’s RAM limiter: The RAM limiter in the GX control lets you control the uses of the RAM by the browser. By default, the browser sets the RAM Limiter in a balanced position aiming to keep the balance between memory use and performance.

CPU Limiter: The CPU Limiter option lets you set a limit on how many system resources of your computer are used by the browser, so the rest can be used for gaming. The aim of both GX Control features is to keep your browser open without impacting the PC’s performance or consuming more system resources when you are playing or streaming any resource-heavy game.

Network Limiter: The Network Limiter provides the ability to set a limit on how much bandwidth of your network you would like to dedicate to your browser and how much you reserve for gaming so that your streaming or gaming and browsing runs smoothly without affecting each other.

Play Video over Game: Now on Opera GX, you can play and watch video tutorials, walkthroughs, streams, or other video content in a floating window during playing games.

Integrated Messenger services: Opera GX gaming browser comes with built-in popular messaging services like Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp messenger integration.

Free VPN: A VPN software allows you to browse any restricted site and content on the web. It also makes your online identity and activities anonymous while surfing the internet through it. This browser has a built-in free and unlimited VPN service that helps you to browse the web more securely.

Inbuilt Ad Blocker: On Opera, you can easily turn on its inbuilt AD BLOCKER to browse the internet without seeing annoying ads and it also helps to browse any website faster. You can also switch it off easily. Switching off the ad-blocker helps ad-based creators.

Offline Gaming: Like Google Chrome, Opera GX also offers an in-browser offline game. Now you can play an offline game called “Operius” on your browser when you lose your internet connection. The Operius is a very interesting offline shooting game that you can play whenever your browser goes offline. Now, whenever you are faced with the dreaded “No Internet Page” when GX cannot connect to the internet, Operius will be there to entertain you!

Opera GX is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. Download Opera GX  32-bit and 64-bit installer for Windows platforms now using the below download button. You can install Opera GX mobile on an Android phone from Google Play Store.

Technical details:

  • Publisher: Opera Software
  • Category: Web browser
  • Installer Type: Standalone Offline Installer
  • OS Support: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Download Opera GX for Windows 11, 10, 7 PC:

Download Opera GX 64-bit


Download Opera GX 32-bit


or get the Opera Browser for PC.

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